Thursday, July 26, 2018

Listening to Music while riding in your taxi

Taxi Service near Hicksville Rd in Massapequa Long Island

Are you a music fan? Well, so are we art Massapequa Taxi and Airport Service. In fact, theres no music we dont like (other than modern pop) but all joking aside, how do you like your music delivered to you while riding in a cab?

You can go the old fashioned way with AM-FM Radio, but that medium is limited at best.

Using a media cable to connect to your phone is always good, but Bluetooth music can get spotty.

Have you ever wondered if a taxi service would ever incorporate Sirius XM Satellite Radio into its services? Well, Massapequa Taxi and Airport Service did! One by one, we are upgrading your taxi ride to incorporate Sirius Satellite Radio so you can listen to anything you want to at any time!

We o suggest checking out Little Steven's Underground Garage or the Beatles Channel, but thats our personal choice, your music is up to you!

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